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Amola Tolulope Adedeji

Name: Amola Tolulope Adedeji
DOB: 06/07/1997
Nationality: Nigerian
County: Osun
Status: Single
Position: Defensive midfield
Height: 5.8cm
Weight: 71kg

Football background:
Komo football Club 2005 - 2011
Obafemi Àwolowo University Football team 2011 - 2015
Knight fc 2011 – 2016 – State League

Silver medal at the Osun youth festival 2012
Gold medal at the Nigeria University Game(NUGA) 2014
Best Defender at Nigeria University Game(NUGA) 2014
Highest goal scorer at Ife youth soccer Competition

Amola is very intelligent and discipline player
very good header, great spirit, strong,
good and aggressive

Amola was discovered by me while playing
football tournament at ile ife Osun state.

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